Mesa Community Court to Mesa Community College



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Who we are ?

WHEREAS, Mesa Community Court is a non-traditional judicial system containing judges, defense attorneys and prosecutors but more importantly, their Defendants are homeless. These homeless clients/participants arrive in custody at times, though many are on their own recognizance, working on sentences that focus on personal improvement – such as attending alcohol or drug counseling and finding a place to live. Unlike conventional courts, the Community Court adds “navigators and case managers’’– to help defendants connect with needed agencies to improve their lives. The goal of Community Court is to interrupt the cycle of addiction, homelessness and arrest, giving the most defendants an opportunity to regain their self-esteem, maximize their independence and to live productive lives.

What we do ?

WHEREAS, the Mesa Community Court will assign a Navigator / Case Manager to manage and serve the Defendant who has entered into the criminal justice system due to a variety of social, homelessness and mental health issues. The Mesa Community Court will provide the Defendant with the appropriate resources for emotional and physical healing and assign an interdisciplinary “team” composed of judges, prosecutors, and regional care providers. If/when applicable, the Defendant will be offered an incentive for participation, i.e. become an MCC Student as per the guidelines, terms, and conditions, outlined within this MOU.

Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD)

  • Will provide a clear, committed department and staff including contact information accessible to all members of the Mesa Community Court staff and team.
  • Provide access to student services on and off-campus including but not limited to the following Services: Financial Aid, Scholarships, Care Team, Enrollment, Disability Resource, Veteran, Counseling, Tutoring, Fitness, Career, and other special population support (i.e. American Indian Institute, etc.), as needed.
  • Assist the Participant/Student in deciding an academic pathway by way of degree or certificate (CCL) attainment.
  • Enrollment into a First Year Experience (FYE) Courses. FYE is a course designed to help students learn how to succeed at your Maricopa Community College. Students explore their Field of Interest (FOI), confirm their program or degree pathway, understand the financial considerations for their career, and meet with the advising team.
  • Designate a Care Team member for support that includes the use of Dropout Detective (DOD) to monitor academic progress.
  • Provide information and access to MCC’s Mesa Market to meet unmet personal needs (i.e., food, clothing, hygiene products, etc.).
  • Design an intervention system to support the student in the program and usher them from start to completion in their chosen academic field including but not limited to CCL’s, Certificate, Program of Study or Associate and Baccalaureate Degrees. This includes intake, retention, and completion support.
  • Provide necessary training and access to in-person and virtual services including access to technology and technical support when needed.
  • Support with the development of a resume, interviewing skills, internship and employment positions on and off-campus.
  • If academic and student codes of conduct are not adhered to, appropriate actions may be taken that could include probation, suspension and/or expulsion.

Reminder that MCCD and MCC must adhere to all Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) policies and procedures as it relates to educational information and records to outside parties and the public.

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