Vice President S&D

Kaycee Campbell, Vice President of Southern & Dobson

1.     Major: Entomology (With a focus of Lepidopterology and Arachnology) 

2.    Desired Career Goals:  Once I complete my Associates in Science, I plan to transfer to Cornell University in Ithica, New York. There, I will obtain  B.S., then move on to my Masters Degree continuing my education at Cornell. After graduation, I will research insects all over the world and find benefits to their existence, and possibly find undiscovered species. Once I am ready to settle down with a family, I will return to school for my Doctoral Degree, finally settling in at Arizona State University as a Professor.

3.    Strength Quest results: Achiever, Input, Ideation, Developer, Command, Strategic, Individualization, Restorative

4.    Position description

My peers elected me as the Honors in Action Officer due to the successful College Project I lead last year. Truthfully, the CP could not have been a success without all of them. In that position, I learned a lot about true leadership, motivation, responsibility, and trust. This position requires me to utilize all of the skills I obtained over the past year, and hone the ones I naturally posses, in order to best help my new team achieve greatness. The Honors in Action Project is a much larger responsibility, and one I am excited to tackle. The purpose of this project is to find a need in our community, and address that need based on what we discover through research.

5. What are your goals for PTK

I am motivated by my team's past successes and failures, and aspire to help Omicron Beta be the internationally recognized Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa it has always been. I also want to build an everlasting relationship with not only my fellow officers and advisers, but with all members of the Chapter. It is not just the officer team that is great, but the General Members that help support us. Among many other goals for this year, I also wish to assist in putting into motion a sustainable project that will keep giving back to our community year after year. With your help, we can make this possible.