Emmett Meehan, President of the Omicron Beta Chapter

  1. Major: Music Theory & Composition with a minor in Music Education
  2. Desired Career Goals: I'm looking to join Mesa Community College's jazz program in guitar performance for my Associate's Degree, then possibly transferring to Arizona State University to complete my Bachelor's Degree studies. I would love to have the opportunity to pursue a Doctorate Degree, though that is many years off as of now. I am pursuing the minor in Music Education in order to open up future potential career paths, as well as to give me the option to share my love of music on a professional level. 
  3. Strengths Quest Results: Restorative - Analytical - Input - Learner - Discipline.
  4. Position Description:
    As the Operations Officer at Red Mountain, my duties include keeping track of all Red Mountain Phi Theta Kappa members, recording general meetings, assisting in compiling financial requests for the Red Mountain branch of Omicron Beta, and aiding the Vice President of Red Mountain in making sure that we continue to maintain excellence in all levels of our organization.
  5. What are your goals for Phi Theta Kappa: 
    I am committed aiding development of the next generation of servant leaders, and making sure that all incoming Phi Theta Kappa members emerge as such. I will also be working closely with the Honors in Action team over the coming year, in an attempt to work towards creating the best possible community. My interest lies in generating the motivation and passion to create tangible change, which can only start with individuals joining together in common cause.