Brandon Traylor, President of Omicron Beta Chapter 

1.  Major:  Mechanical Engineering
2.  Desired Career Goals: After completing my Bachelors Degree from ASU, and possibly pursing a Masters, I hope to work for either a refrigeration company where I can design and build systems that will be an improvement upon currently available equipment or work in the automotive industry designing racecars and their various parts.  
3.  Strength Quest results:  Achiever, Learner, Responsibility, Harmony, Intellection
4.  Position description:  
As the President of the Omicron Beta Chapter, it is my duty to preside over all official chapter functions.  This includes all campus, community, regional, and international events.  In addition, I represent the chapter on campus and in the community.  It is my responsibility to assist all officers in their duties, and to make sure we are working as a team while continuing to move our chapter forward.  I am dually responsible for equally supporting the College Project and Honors in Action project, our two major projects during the year.  I oversee all chapter progress, and report to the Phi Theta Kappa International Office on our journey to become a Five Star Chapter, the highest ranking a chapter can achieve.  Overall, it is my ultimate responsibility to lead the Omicron Beta Chapter through another incredibly successful year!
5.     What are your goals for Phi Theta Kappa? 

There are many goals that I want to achieve within Phi Theta Kappa but first and foremost is that I want us all to work together as a team so that we can reach our maximum potential.  I plan to help us reach that potential by serving the team in any way possible.  I want to help make our College Project and Honors in Action project have an impact on our community as well as be sustainable so that they can continue to grow and serve others in the future.  I also want to see our our chapter membership grow substantially because the members are what helps the chapter to become a success.  My ultimate goal is to see the chapter rank in the top 5 Internationally this coming year.