Tyler OakesTyler Oakes - Phi Theta Membership and Recruitment Officer

Tyler Oakes

Membership and Recruitment Officer


Graphic Design

Desired Career Goals

Once finished with my journey at Mesa Community College, I will apply to participate in the Disney College Internship program in California.

Through the Disney program, I will gain valuable experience and network with employees of the Disneyland Park which hopefully will open a door for a future career working for Disney.

Strengths Quest Results

Developer, Positivity, Strategic, Includer, Adaptability

Position description 

As a part of the 2015 Omicron Beta Chapter Team, I am excited to serve my chapter through membership and recruitment.

I will strive to help enhance and grow our chapter. I also will help extend the information and opportunities that Phi Theta Kappa has to offer to individuals, as it is my duty.

One specific program I am in charge of is the Phi Theta Kappa Enhanced Membership Program. 

What are your goals for Phi Theta Kappa?

Overseeing Membership and Recruitment, I would like to not only grow individual's amount of involvement and activity in the Omicron Beta Chapter but more specifically help our national Phi Theta Kappa goal of increasing membership of Phi Theta Kappa by 15%.

Along with my duties as the Membership and Recruitment Officer, I have a goal to help out with my fellow officer's responsibilities, when needed, and help them achieve their goals.

I feel that through these goals, I can help personally and as a team make the Omicron Beta Chapter number one in the nation, secure our title as 5 Star Chapter, and make a difference in our community on campus as well as in our community.