Honors in Action

Derek Fermaint, Honors in Action Officer

1.     Major: Computer Systems Engineering, Physics. Future: Biomedical Engineering Ph.D.

2.    Desired Career Goals:  Inspiring the next generation of problems solvers as a research professor at Stanford, utilizing free time to found tech start up companies in Silicon Valley. Interested in rehabilitation robotics, space exploration, and sustainability. Future inventor of that thing you didn't know you needed but can't live without.

3.    Strength Quest results: Competition - Analytical - Learner - Achiever - Focus

4.    Position description
The purpose of the Honors in Action project is to find a need in our community, and address that need based on what we discover through research. This year the Honors in Action project has been focused on water rights and conservation. I've been elected to serve the Honors in Action team and together ensure that the project comes to a successful close. This is a great opportunity for me to hone the skills I've been developing and learning how to adapt in new environments and situations.

5. What are your goals for PTK
Help build great relationships between Phi Theta Kappa and MCC administration, successfully promote the Tap Project and World Water Day, and help the team unify together to accomplish all that we set out to do this semester. Let's dream big and work hard.