James Fell, Finance Officer

1.  Major:  Political Economics (Economics)

2.  Desired Career Goals: 
Upon the completion of my Ph.D. in Political Economics, I plan to work for a government agency or a private firm with a large global presence where I will be able to utilize my analytical skills.  My dream is to research the political decisions made by foreign and domestic governments and make reports on how those decisions could potentially impact the global economy and/or trade partnerships between global corporations.

3.  Strength Quest results:  Context, Deliberative, Achiever, Focus and Analytical.

4.  Position description:  
The position of the Omicron Beta Chapter Finance Officer duties include, but are not limited to: ensuring that the annual budget is balanced, establishing a system to keep accurate records of chapter activities and overseeing all fundraising efforts of the Chapter.  Additional duties may include, managing the paperwork processes used for requisitioning funds to be used for chapter functions, as well as maintaining an accurate inventory of chapter marketplace items such as t-shirts, pins, and graduation regalia.  

5.     What are your goals for Phi Theta Kappa? 
First and foremost, I want to identify and maintain a high level of financial integrity.  Without a high level of financial integrity, our organization suffers and we fail those whom we are serving.  Once integrity is established, a detailed budget should be a high priority for any organization.  Meticulous recordkeeping of income and expenses ensure a seamless and timely transition of funds to where they are needed.  No organization could operate long without efficiency, because it is the key to success.  Efficient management of our finances will ensure that our resources are achieving their maximum potential with as little waste as possible, giving the Omicron Beta Chapter every opportunity to serve our campus and community.  Most importantly, it is necessary for me to keep my goals as an officer in line with the financial strategies regulated by the Articles of the Constitution of Phi Theta Kappa.