Clark Reed, College Completion Officer

1. Major: Pre­med / Psychology (BS)
2. Desired Career Goals: As a future psychiatrist, making sure patients get flawless care and treatment will be my number one priority.  I have been directly impacted by this field as my sister struggled with depression.  I not only plan on practicing in the field, but also contributing to the research and development of new methods for promoting mental health and emotional stability.  I plan to specialize in adolescent/child psychiatry and put emphasis on dealing with individuals with depression and bipolar disorder. I also plan on practicing more psychotherapy than most psychiatrists do in order to develop a deeper connection and empathy with and for patients. 
3. StrengthQuest results: Developer, Restorative, Relator, Harmony, Belief 
4. Position description: College Completion Officer is a new position for the Omicron Beta Chapter. Appropriately, the college completion officer plays a key role in making sure that students are educated and prepared in using all the resources (such as available to them in order to complete college. Education, preparing, encouraging and inspiring all play a large part in accomplishing this goal. Evidence of the college completion officer’s objective and purpose is the College Completion Wall found in the AS corridor, which is signed by students who want to pledge to finish community college.

5. What are your goals for PTK: With the reputation that our chapter has from past years, I believe that being a nationally distinguished chapter is not at all an unrealistic goal. Aside from being a part in making sure our college project and honors in action project are momentous in their effects on the college here at MCC and in the community, I plan on educating myself in what it takes to be competitive in all careers and the ways students can accomplish this competitively through scholastics, leadership and service. I believe that many students are willing to work hard for their dreams and future careers, but are unaware of all the incredible resources and opportunities available which will allow them to pursue these goals more effectively! One of my goals in this upcoming year is to help students learn how to self­-educate themselves by using all the resources available to them here at MCC and elsewhere. This will then allow students to excel in all their various fields and make their careers and dreams become a reality for them.