Campus Events S&D

Misty Stickney
Campus Events Officer - Southern and Dobson

1. Major: Undecided – Still searching.
2. Desired Career Goals: Even though my major is undecided, I do have an idea of what I’d like to do in my life. I am very involved with the arts; more specifically, photography, dance, and painting. One of my possible career options that I am looking into is becoming my own travel journalist and photographer. However, I am also very passionate about Deaf culture. I plan to receive at least a certificate in American Sign Language, if not minoring in the field.
3. Strengths Quest Results: Input, Responsibility, Activator, Adaptability, and Connectedness.
4. Position Description: As Campus Events Officer, my responsibilities include coordinating and collaborating with other student organizations on campus to assist in the events held at the Southern & Dobson campus. The majority of the events that Omicron Beta participates in allows us another opportunity to reach out to the students on campus and promote what Phi Theta Kappa is all about. One of the major goals as Campus Events Officer is to gain more membership through these events held throughout the year. With this position, I will also be working closely with College Project to promote what issues lie within the college.  
5. What are your goals for Phi Theta Kappa: My goal for this year in Phi Theta Kappa include organizing campus events that are not only entertaining to participate in, but also beneficial in educating others about what Phi Theta Kappa has to offer. It would be great to see our membership numbers increase greatly this year, so I plan to work closely with the other officers to reach our goal of 200 new members per semester.