Resources for Future and Current Students

Helpful Resources for Students - Weekly Messages

Below you will find a list of helpful student resources that are available to you. If you are looking for additional resources not listed on this page, we recommend visiting the Current Students page.

Week 1

Getting Started

Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the hustle and bustle of the first week of classes? We are here to help you get started. The links below show you where you can get books, a student ID, software and where to go to get information about campus activities.

Week 2

Semester Planning

For you to have a successful start to your semester, we suggest you create a calendar to record your schedule, important dates, and study time. You can also benefit from additional resource links such as veterans’ services, disability resources, honors, counseling and career resources.

Plan to succeed, prioritize your time and stay informed.

Week 3

Get Involved/Engaged

Research shows if you are engaged in clubs and activities your will be more successful. This week’s message provides links to clubs and campus organizations, sporting and arts events, volunteering and student engagement opportunities.

Week 4

Manage Your Time/Organize

Week 5

Don’t Stress/Stop Before You Drop

Around this time you may start to feel overwhelmed with your classes and life in general. We encourage you to talk to an advisor, faculty or counselor rather than just drop a class. Withdrawing might impact your future financial aid. Tutoring is available as well as resources for food, shelter and healthcare if you need it, but don’t want to ask.

  • Seek free tutoring. Learning Enhancement Center –
  • Looking for assistance with food, shelter or healthcare?
    • Mesa Market (on-campus pantry)
    • First Wednesdays - We Care Wednesdays (food, clothing and community resources)
    • RISE app - food, shelter, health care resource locator (iOS only, kiosk in SoDo library corridor) RISE app information
    • Bus vouchers (Student Life)

Week 6

Graduation Awareness and Career Services

It may seem as though classes have just begun, but it’s important for you to be aware of what is needed for graduation. You need to meet with an advisor and complete the graduation application. You should also plan to meet with an advisor if you are planning to transfer to another college/university. If you are not graduating soon, we encourage you to focus on MCC’s career services.

Visit for additional information.

  • The current graduation application, the graduation process, and program code pages are available as a complete packet at
    • The application deadline for Fall is November 1
    • The application deadline for Spring is March 1
    • The application deadline for Summer is June 1
  • Not close to graduation? Think about our career services –

Week 7

Register Now

You are encouraged to register now for classes next semester so you can get the classes you want or need. Review Your educational and career plan and seek academic advising for assistance. Be aware of important financial aid dates.

Week 8

Life Balance

It’s the week before spring beak and you may be feeling stressed! Make sure you get enough sleep, eat well and exercise. Enjoy extracurricular activities with friends and fellow students. Remember, MCC’s counseling services are available if you need extra assistance.

Enroll Now for Spring

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MCC Spring 2020 Hours

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Regular Business Hours:
Mon-Thu: 8 am – 6 pm
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Closed Sat and Sun

We noticed you are not registered for Spring 2020. Whether you haven't enrolled or you got dropped from class. We hope you haven't changed your mind about earning that degree or certificate!

If you're planning to register for Spring semester, don't wait too long before classes fill!  Check the class schedule here.

Need some help? In-person advising is available on a first come first serve basis at the enrollment center. You may also email an advisor

Payment is due on or before December 9th. After December 9th, make payment arrangements on the day you register to secure your classes.  Visit your Student Center to self-enroll.

Helpful Resources for Students

The purpose of this Student Resource Referral Guide is to serve as a repository of resources for students with a variety of academic and/or basic needs (personal well-being) they may be experiencing.

Academic Needs

Academic focus: Help with choosing your major or questions about classes...

Visit Career Services or Counseling Department for career counseling. Academic Advising provides information about different majors offered at MCC, around the District, and at our partner universities. Consult the Fields of Interest (FOI) page to view possibilities.

Accommodation request

Visit Disability Resources & Services.

Athlete: Concerns about grades…

Visit PC 56 - the Student Athlete Academic Development Center. This is a one-stop shop for student athletes. The hours are M-F 8am-6pm in fall and spring semesters and 7am-7pm M-Th in the summer. Closed Fridays in the summer. There isn’t a dedicated front desk, so you must go in person.

Canvas: Help with...

Go to Canvas video tutorials and guides. You can also call the HelpCenter at 480-461-7217 or 1-888-994-4433. For in person assistance, visit the HelpCenter at the Southern & Dobson campus AS4 Breezeway.

Computer: Help with basic skills...

MCC offers basic computer skill courses - please visit Business Department or Academic Advising. If you need immediate help, you can go to the Mesa Public Library - computer classes or use this link for a variety of resources that may be helpful as well.

Computer: Need access to...

You can use the Library computers. Most tutoring centers also have computers that you can use to complete class assignments. Please refer to the Learning Enhancement Center for a list of hours and locations.

English Language: Help with...

Visit the Academic Skills Center or ESL Support Services for more information.

Enrollment: Help with...

Visit the Enrollment Center or Red Mountain Enrollment Services. Alternatively, Academic Advising offers educational planning and information about course content and selection. Options include: phone appointments (480-461-7222), live chat, or in-person consultation. Recommendation: schedule appointment in advance.

Family study rooms

Students with young children can use child-friendly rooms to study in. The rooms contain children's furniture, children's books, and toys.

Honors: Interested in...

Visit the Honors Program, which provides educational enrichment and scholarship opportunities.

Instructor complaint

Students with an instructor complaint should use the Instructional Grievance Process. The Counseling Department can also assist you in understanding the process and work with appropriate college personnel.

Library research: Help with locating information for an assignment

Visit the Library reference desk or Ask a Librarian 24/7 online chat.

Math: Help with...

Visit the Math Center or Math Foundations Center, Learning Enhancement Center, or Brainfuse (online tutoring).

Plagiarism: Help with citing sources correctly/unintentionally plagiarized

Visit the Library reference desk, Ask a Librarian 24/7 online chat, or go to the Writing Center.

Quiet place to study

The Library is designated as a quiet zone area with individual study rooms. While we have many “quiet corners and nooks” in the library, the best way to ensure a quiet space is to reserve a study room. This can be done up to two weeks in advance for up to three hours per person per day. Our online room reservation system is called D!BS and there is a prominent link to it on the library homepage.

Reading: Help with... ​

Refer students to Academic Skills Center or Learning Enhancement Center,

Service-Learning: Interested in...

You can gain real-world experiences through service learning, as well as potential scholarship opportunities. To learn more please visit Center for Community and Civic Engagement.

Test and study skills: Help with...

Foundations for Student Success offers workshops, classroom presentations, and individual appointments on Student Success Strategies. Topics such as Time Management, Growth Mindset, Test-Taking Strategies, and Preparing for Finals are available. The Counseling department also offers CPD150 (Strategies for College Success) and AAA150 (Strategies for College Success) which you can enroll.

Test Anxiety

Visit the Testing Services for test taking strategies and to Counseling for support for test anxiety.

Transferring to a 4-year college

Visit the Academic Advisor. Consult the Transfer resources webpage.

Writing: Help with... ​

Visit the Academic Skills Center, Writing Center, Learning Enhancement Center, or Brainfuse (online tutoring).

Basic Needs (Personal Well-Being)

Abusive relationship: Worried that you are in...

The Counseling Department offers community resources and free personal counseling for students. The College Police could be a resource to advise you on domestic violence laws and options (Orders of Protection), if there is a threat for the individual at the workplace or campus itself a safety plan could be developed. Even if not occurring on our property, College Police can refer you to the proper jurisdiction.

Child care: Help with...

Visit the MCC Children’s Center at the Southern & Dobson campus.

Financial crisis

Contact Student Life & Leadership. If you are a veteran, please find resources available on the Veteran Finance website page. You can also receive emergency funding through the Faculty Foundation--talk to your instructor. State Farm offers emergency assistance funds as well. You may receive up to $500 through this emergency fund. Funds are for one-time requests only for immediate assistance with: gas, bus passes, food, books, and utilities. Application for assistance does not guarantee funding.

Food: Help with...

The Mesa Market provides students the opportunity to “shop” for up to 10 free (shelf stable) food items per week and distributes free produce. Information about local food banks can be found at Association of Arizona Food Banks. The ASMCC (student government) provides food vouchers for students to purchase meals at the on-campus cafeteria. Please visit Student Life and Leadership (both Southern and Dobson and Red Mountain) for more information.

Foster youth assistance

The Foster Youth Student Success Initiative helps students aging out of the foster care system stay in school.

Health insurance

Mesa Community College works with Arizona PIRG and Cover Arizona to bring health insurance options to our students. Call the toll-free number 1-844-790-4946 for more information. You can also schedule an appointment with Cover Arizona online.

Inclusive restrooms

MCC offers inclusive restroom facilities to persons who feel most comfortable using single-user restrooms.

Lactation room

The lactation rooms are available for nursing mothers returning to MCC.

Legal help/services

The Counseling Department offers counseling and community resources and can help refer a student to legal services offered within the community.

Loses emotional control

The Counseling Department offers counseling and community resources. After hours contact College Police.

Mentor: Would like to be or have a ...

Refer students to Connect 4 Success.

Paying for college courses

The Student Tuition Payment Plan allows you to select installment plans that are spread out over several months with no interest or finance charges. Please refer to MCC’s Financial Aid office. You can apply for financial aid (FAFSA), live chat, or visit the Enrollment Center. You can also apply for scholarships (MCCCD scholarships). Veterans should consult with Veterans Services. Transfer students are also encouraged to utilize the RaiseMe mobile app which will provide smaller scholarships to four-year institutions based upon community college achievements posted within the app.

Paying for textbooks: Help with...

Visit MCCCD Book Advances program, or for more information contact Cashier Services. Also, many textbooks are placed on reserve in the Library. Most reserve materials are 3-4 hour in-library use only. All the reserve items are behind the Circulation desk on the first floor of the Southern and Dobson Library and the 2nd floor of the Red Mountain Library. The student can ask for material by title, class name, or instructor. Student ID is required to check the item out.

Reflection rooms

The reflection rooms are available for MCC students of faith who need an area of solitude.

Scheduling conflicts with going to work and attending class(es)

The Counseling Department offers academic and personal counseling. Academic Advising offers educational planning and information about course content and selection. Options include appointments, live chat, or stop by the Enrollment Center.

Sexual harassment or discrimination complaint about another student or an instructor/staff

Complete an Incident/Conduct Report. Compliance Services is available if you have questions.

Taxes: Help filing...

If you need help filing your taxes the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program provides help from January 30 to April 15th.

Transportation needs: Help with...

Discounted bus passes are available for full-time students from Student Life & Leadership in the Kirk Student Center at Southern and Dobson and 2nd floor of Mesquite Building at Red Mountain. If you have a vehicle that needs mechanical work visit the Automotive Service department.

Working on campus: Interested in...

Visit Career Services, which maintains a list of federal work study (FWS) opportunities along with non-FWS openings at MCC.

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We noticed you have not registered yet for Fall 2020.  We hope you haven't changed your mind about earning that degree or certificate.

MCC Summer Hours

Monday - Thursday: 7:00am to 6:00pm

If you're planning to register for fall semester don't wait too long before classes fill!  Check the class schedule here.

Or make an appointment with your advisor who can help you stay on track. 

Payment is due on or before July 29. After July 29, make payment arrangements on the day you register to secure your classes.  Visit your Student Center to self-enroll.


Personal Identifiable Information

Protecting your Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

PII refers to information that can be used to distinguish or trace an individual’s identity, either alone or when combined with other personal or identifying information that is linked or linkable to a specific individual.

PII includes:

  • Credit Card Numbers
  • Personal contact details (such as phone, address, or email)
  • Bank account number
  • Social Security number
  • Date of birth

To protect your information, do not send the above information through unsecure lines such as email, fax, or unsecure web forms.  For documents which require you to provide PII, please mail, deliver in-person, or use an encrypted web form (usually identified on the form by a lock symbol).

Please note that this includes items such as High School and College transcripts, GED, grades, birth certificates or any other government issued documents (Driver’s License, State ID, Passport, etc.)

Thank You

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You are not officially entered into the contest until you have provided all required documentation:

  • No copyrighted music was used.
  • All student video talent release forms from persons appearing in the video have been signed and submitted.
  • You have agreed to all terms and conditions.

Questions? Problems uploading your video? Need to talk to a person?

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