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Music Business

Picture yourself tweaking the board during sound check at Red Rocks. Or signing an indie band you discovered to a three-album contract for your label. Imagine arranging an orchestra to perform a symphony you composed. Or sweetening the final mix of a record you produced.

This is the music industry. And it’s as full of career opportunity as it is glamorous. Whether you’re interested in the recording and production side or in music composition, live performance, and teaching, the music industry includes hundreds of careers that require expert skills and talent from its professionals.

The Music Business program at MCC helps you gain the knowledge you need for a career in the music industry. It helps you build your technical skills through classroom instruction, written assignments, business plan design, and presentations. The program provides you with hands-on experience in real-world situations through the production and administration of actual performing arts projects. And ultimately you develop an aesthetic and creative understanding of performance as both an art and a profession.

Career Profile

Quick Stats

Example Titles
A&R Executive
Disc Jockey
Music Journalist
Session Musician
Types of Employers
Record Labels
Radio Stations
Music Publishers
Event Production Companies
Artist Management Companies
Recording Studios

The music industry is comprised of many different aspects including: recording, manufacturing and production, marketing and promotion, advertising, retail, wholesale, repair, rental, lessons, songwriting, publishing, licensing, merchandising, live performance, event production, broadcast production, and technology development.

While, careers in the music business are competitive, the live performance sector and the publishing and licensing sectors have seen steady growth over the last years, even as traditional record labels continue to decrease their operations and labor force. One in five Americans owns a musical instrument and this provides for stable job growth in the instrument development, manufacturing, retail, rental and repair sectors of the music industry. The consumption of digital music products including music, software, and hardware is booming and steady growth is projected over the next five years and beyond.

Music business professionals:

  • Work with microphones, cameras, tape recorders, and control panels
  • May work on location, and often work indoors
  • May work evenings and weekends
  • Often train through broadcast technology or electronics courses
  • Take courses to keep skills up to date

Available Associate Degrees and Certificates

A list of available degrees and certificates offered in the Music Business program
Degree / Certificate Type Title Courses
Associate in Applied Science   AAS Music Business Course Sequence
Certificate of Completion   CCL Music Business Course Sequence
Associate in Applied Science AAS Disc Jockey Techniques Course List
Certificate of Completion CCL Disc Jockey Techniques Course Sequence

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