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Motion pictures have come a long way since Fred Ott sneezed in what is reputed to be the first film by Thomas Edison, in 1894. Since these early days of film, silence has become sound, black-and-white has evolved into color, and, today, the computer has thoroughly revolutionized all aspects of the moviegoing experience.

The English Department offers you a wide variety of courses in this exciting medium. Would you like to explore the history of film? Try HUM 205. Perhaps contemporary movies are more your thing. For this, we suggest HUM 210. For the movie buff who’s fascinated by the African American experience in film, we offer HUM 214, for those intrigued by international film, HUM 211AA.

Our courses take you deep into the movie viewing experience, teaching you to analyze how and why film affects you. They explore the values and contradictions of what it means to be human and ultimately assist you in applying these lessons to your own life.

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Director / Writer
Media Researcher
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Broadcast Media
Television / Film
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Those graduates with a background in film will find that they can work in a variety of different fields, industries, and workplaces. Understanding the psychology of film creates demand in advertising for the development of commercials, short films, and movies. Film and movie industries seek qualified graduates to interpret scripts, direct and produce movies, write for television programs, and create commercials for the industry.

Graduates with a fine arts four year degree will find their studies have a wide application in the job market.

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