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Alex Arreguin

Residential Faculty - English


480-518-7202 (mobile)

Office: RDM-P Palo Verde - Room: 228

This program is part of the English Department.


Our Composition program helps teach students to write effectively in academic, professional, civic, and personal contexts. These core writing skills can be utilized in technical writing, academic writing, as well as personal exploratory writing.

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Technical Writer
Public Relations Spokesperson
Types of Employers
Government agencies

Core writing skills can be utilized in almost any industry, and can help you succeed in a multitude of positions. Whether you choose to write news stories for a local newspaper, or you decide to focus on the technical side of things by writing instruction manuals, good writers are always in need.

Skilled writers are also in demand in the publishing and advertising fields. Media and public relations companies depend on individuals to craft press releases and other publications.

Graduates with the ability to compose just the right words will find that their talents can be applied almost anywhere.

Transfer to a University

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Associate in Arts Arizona State University Bachelor of Arts in English
Associate in Arts Arizona State University Bachelor of Arts in English (Literature)

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