Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Dave YountDr. Dave Yount Dr. Dave Yount

received his B.A. in philosophy and psychology from the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, and his Masters and Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.  He is the author of a biography of Plotinus in Meet the Philosophers of Ancient Greece (Ashgate Publishing, 2005), and has several completed manuscripts, including:

  • Plotinus:  The Platonist (on the connection between their philosophies)
  • What Would Plato Do?
  • Plato Meets His Critics:  Volume I:  Aristotle
  • Heaven:  A Philosophical Study
  • Plato By Subject
  • Plotinus By Subject

Dr. Y is planning on publishing these works. Find out more on Dr. Yount's Contact page here.

Dr. Barry VaughanDr. Barry Vaughan Dr. Barry Vaughan

I am a professor of Philosophy at Mesa Community College in Mesa Arizona. I teach Introduction to Philosophy, Introduction to Ethics, Introduction to Bioethics, History of Ancient Greek Philosophy, Introduction to Philosophy of Religion, and History of Religion in Ireland: Ancient to Medieval.

I  specialize in the History of Philosophy and completed my PhD in ancient Philosophy under Dr. Hugh Benson of the Philosophy Department at the University of Oklahoma. (My CV is available here.) My dissertation topic is the problem of Socrates' Unity of Virtues theory. This among other problems in Socratic Philosophy I find truly fascinating.

My other philosophical interests include Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Mind and Epistemology. Find out more on Dr. Vaughan's Contact page here.

Dr. Debra CampbellDr. Debra Campbell Dr. Debra Campbell

Abstract from my doctoral dissertation:  

This dissertation provides a theoretical defense of direct democracy.  In the United States, the laws are created primarily through a system of “representative” democracy.  Representatives, chosen in periodic elections, formulate and sponsor legislation.  However, since the beginnings of the American republic there has been some interest in and debate over “direct” democracy. 

Most recently, there has been a movement toward more direct democracy in the form of citizen-sponsored “initiatives.“  At present, twenty-six states allow ordinary citizens to propose and sponsor bills that are then voted upon in special or general elections.  This form of direct democracy has been heavily criticized. Learn more on Dr. Campbell's Contact page here.

Patrice NangoPatrice Nango

Patrice Nango

I teach both Philosophy and Religious Studies, and I am the director of the Center for Global Tolerance and Engagement. Those all go together very well -- my goal is to find ways to make people think beyond where we are at right now. If I can help you fall in love with that idea, life is good. You can get to each of my current courses from the links above.

Learn more on Patrice Nango's Contact page here.