Tour the Garden

The best time to see the Garden is during the months of late March, April, May, June, November, and December. During January and February, and during September and October the Garden is heavily pruned and will therefore not be in bloom.

Self-guided tours

One way to enjoy your visit to the Garden is by a self-guided tour. Throughout the Garden there are signs posted in beds that contain a phone number you can call and a recorded message will be presented explaining what is in each rose bed. Also, there are signs in each bed describing each type of rose. NOTE: The Garden is a public garden and is always open for visitors 24/7.

Guided tours

A guided tour is probably the best way to fully enjoy your visit to the Garden. Our tour guides are very knowledgeable about every aspect of the Garden and enjoy showing it off. Tours take about one hour to complete. Be sure to use sun protection (sun screen and a hat) and bring a bottle of water.

To inquire about attending a guided tour, call 480-461-7022