Welding Technology

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Robert Holmes

Full Time Faculty - Welding Technology


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Office: 52 - Room: DW-1

This program is part of the Applied Sciences and Technology Department.

Welding Technology

You want a hands-on career in welding? You’re going to need a hands-on training program. Welcome to Welding Technology at MCC.

Our comprehensive program is designed to develop your skills in oxyacetylene (gas) and electric (arc) welding. Our classes are conducted in laboratories outfitted with modern industrial welding equipment. We provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to work with modern industrial welding equipment. We teach you to use advanced welding techniques and machines, including MIG (metal inert gas) and TIG (tungsten inert gas). The optional certificates provide a stepped path leading to the associate’s degree or certificates/certifications.

Career Profile

Quick Stats

Example Titles
Types of Employers
Architectural and Structural Metals Manufacturers
Mining Machinery Manufacturers
Commercial and Industrial Machinery Manufacturers

Welders, solderers, cutters, and brazers can advance to more skilled jobs with additional training and experience. They may become welding technicians, supervisors, inspectors, or instructors. Some experienced welders open their own repair shops.

Welders and Solderers:

  • Repair and join metal parts using heat and tools
  • Often work alone and indoors
  • May work up to 70 hours per week
  • Usually train through technical or community college programs
  • May need to be certified

Available Associate Degree and Certificate

A list of available degrees and certificates offered in the Welding Technology program
Degree / Certificate Type Title Courses
Associate in Applied Science AAS Welding Course Sequence
Certificate of Completion CCL Welding Course Sequence

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