Machinist Technology

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Joseph M. Martinez

Residential Faculty - Manufacturing Technology


This program is part of the Applied Sciences and Technology Department.

Machinist Technology

You’ve seen it on television or online. Some guy is using that rig to carve out a wicked aluminum wheel he designed in the computer. Well, that guy’s machining, and it might be just the career you’re looking for.

Machining is defined as any operation that changes the shape, surface finish, or mechanical properties of a material by the application of special tools and equipment. Machining is almost always a process where a cutting tool removes material to effect the desired change in the work piece.

The Machine Technology program at MCC provides you with the entry-level skills you need to develop new products with input from engineering sketches and drawings. Our program will give you a broad range of competencies, including machining skills, electro-mechanical assembly, and product test and prove-out knowledge.

The Machine Technology program is based on hands-on experience and training on various machine shop machines and their accessories, combined with a suitable amount of related classroom material. Students who complete the program will have the basic machining skills needed to work well in a product development environment or a custom, low volume production environment.

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