Health Science

By assisting with operations, checkups, delivering babies, cleaning teeth, or giving fitness or nutrition tips, you could help the ill, disabled, and healthy maintain or regain their health.  In the Health Services Cluster you will find degrees and programs that will prepare you for a career in Dental Health, Nursing, Fitness, or Nutrition.


Degree / Certificate Title Course Sequence
Associate in Applied Science (AAS) Dental Hygiene Course Sequence

There are additional degrees and certificates that we offer in this career pathway that do not have course sequences yet. Information about these degrees and certificates can be found below.

Degree / Certificate Title Course List
Certificate of Completion (CCL) Emergency Medical Technology Course List
Associate in Applied Science (AAS) Nursing Course List
Certificate of Completion (CCL) Nursing Refresher Course List
Certificate of Completion (CCL) Practical Nursing Course List