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Karen Evonne Blevins

Residential Faculty - Geography


This program is part of the Cultural Science Department.

Geospatial Technologies

An earthquake is scheduled to hit San Diego in 12 hours. City officials are looking for answers; what should the city do to prepare? How should they respond?

With Geospatial Technologies, you could help draft a plan of action to avert most of the damage to the city and its occupants. You can capture, analyze, and interpret data with programs such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Geographic Positioning System (GPS), and Remote Sensing technologies in a way that allows you to make informed decisions about our world. A Geospatial Technology expert would make decisions about the best spots for real estate and businesses, record the status and changes of geography, assist with evacuation planning, natural resource extraction, and conservation.

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Associate in Applied Science AAS Geospatial Technologies Course List
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