Human Services

Human Services

Have you ever helped someone in need and felt really good afterwards?  Did you help someone talk through a difficult problem, or feel better about themselves?   By choosing a program or degree in the Human Services Career Cluster, you are preparing yourself for a career helping individuals and families by providing counseling services, mental health services, personal care, or fitness services.

Programs in this Career Pathway


Degrees & Certificates for this Career Pathway

Degree / Certificate Title Course Sequence
Associate in Applied Science (AAS) Exercise Science and Personal Training Course Sequence
Certificate of Completion (CCL) Nutrition for Fitness and Wellness Course Sequence
Certificate of Completion (CCL) Personal Training Specialist Course Sequence

There are additional degrees and certificates that we offer in this career pathway that do not have course sequences yet. Information about these degrees and certificates can be found below.

Degree / Certificate Title Course List
Certificate of Completion (CCL) Group Fitness Instructor Course List