Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources

Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources

Have a green thumb?  You have always imagined yourself working with nature, taming it into an esthetic landscape or persuading it to grow in a hostile environment.  Love working with animals?  You are great at taking care of your pets and dream of helping more animals.  The Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources Cluster is where you will find the program or degree that is right for you.  You can choose your perfect career from a collection of programs and degrees suited to your passions.

Programs in this Career Pathway


Degrees & Certificates for this Career Pathway

Degree / Certificate Title Pathway Map
Certificate of Completion (CCL) Landscape Aide Pathway Map
Certificate of Completion (CCL) Landscape Specialist Pathway Map
Certificate of Completion (CCL) Sustainable Agriculture Pathway Map

There are additional degrees and certificates that we offer in this career pathway that do not have course sequences yet. Information about these degrees and certificates can be found below.

Degree / Certificate Title Course List
Certificate of Completion (CCL) Veterinary Assisting Course List