Administration of Justice

Administration of Justice

Law and order is not exactly what it looks like on TV. It’s often less glamorous, yet, it can be more exciting, challenging, and rewarding. Law and order is an important function of society and communities will always need criminal justice professionals.

The Administration of Justice program at MCC offers you a comprehensive approach to the study of the theories of law and their application to the criminal justice system. Our program meets the needs of the most rapidly growing academic and professional fields in the United States.

In the tradition of community colleges, the Administration of Justice program places a strong emphasis on the application of knowledge and its transferability to career opportunities, while also preparing students to continue their academic preparation at the university level. We’re committed to assisting students through the critical examination of crime, social deviance, law, and justice.

Career Profile

Quick Stats

Example Titles
Police Officer
FBI Special Agent
Corrections Officer
Private Investigator
Animal Control Officer
Border Patrol Agent
Types of Employers
Private Organizations
United States Federal Employment

The public safety sector comprises institutions and establishments responsible for the administration of justice, public order, and safety activities. This can include the courts, police and fire protection, correctional and parole institutions, as well as investigative and security services. Greater Phoenix employs over 20,000 people in public safety in both the public and private sectors. The region’s fast population growth will require large numbers of additional public safety workers in the years to come.

Justice professionals often:

• Protect lives and property
• Pursue and apprehend individuals who break the law
• Wear a uniform
• Work 40 hour weeks, but overtime is common 

Available Associate Degree and Certificates

A list of available degrees and certificates offered in the Administration of Justice program
Degree / Certificate Type Title Courses
Associate in Applied Science   AAS Administration of Justice Studies Course Sequence
Certificate of Completion CCL Forensic Investigation Course Sequence
Certificate of Completion CCL Police Science Course Sequence
Certificate of Completion   CCL Victimology Course Sequence

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