Accounting is the glue that keeps the business world together. It keeps track of a company’s money. It’s used to determine a company’s value. It allows executives to identify and analyze growth opportunities. Without accounting there would be no commerce!

Accounting is the theory and system of setting up, keeping, and auditing a company’s books. It is the art of determining, tracking, and analyzing a company’s financial position through its sales, expenses, and purchases. The financial position is critical business information for the firm’s executives, their lenders, investors, and, of course, tax authorities.

The beauty of an education in accounting is that accounting knowledge and skills can be applied to any job industry; after all, every business needs accounting. Plus, with the struggling economy and the job market in decline, accounting has never been more important to individual companies, society, and the entire economy.

Career Profile

What are some of the things you’ll do as an accountant? In addition to bookkeeping and tax return preparation, you’ll be involved with banking, issuing financial statements, valuation, and forecasting for company financing. You might even provide business improvement ideas to the executives within your company or clients at your agency. You’ll need to be good with numbers but you’ll also have to rely on well-developed people skills.

The Accounting program at MCC will give you what you need to begin pursuing a career in this challenging, rewarding, and fun profession.

Available Associate Degree

A list of available degrees and certificates offered in the Accounting program
Degree / Certificate Type Title Courses
Associate in Business - General Requirements    ABUS-GR Associate in Business General Requirements Course List

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Transfer to a University

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At MCC, get an... Transfer to... To get a...
Associate in Business - General Requirements Arizona State University Bachelor of Science in Accountancy
Associate in Business - General Requirements Arizona State University Bachelor of Science in Finance

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