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Southern & Dobson Campus

Building: AD 42
P: 480-461-7217

“Leading the Way in Providing World-Class Customer Service”

College Technology Services (CTS) provides technology support to all the campuses and centers of Mesa Community College. The department is structured into areas of expertise, which are Network Communications, Enterprise and Applications Intelligence, Customer Care, Project Management and Information Security.

Strategic Priorities, Goals, and Action Items

MCC is committed to student success and completion and preparing our learners to live and thrive in a globally diverse environment. Using technology effectively to access current knowledge, foster human connections and enhance teaching and learning is an important aspect of our success agenda (Pan, 2011).

CTS's strategic plan represents MCC’s vision to align its technology services to enhance MCC’s primary mission of teaching, learning and student success. MCC’s motto of “Leading the Way”, defines our passion to lead by example, create value for those we serve, and our ability to positively impact student success and completion.

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