Class Piano

Class Piano is an ideal class for music majors who are not majoring in piano performance as well as for amateur musicians who want to learn how to play piano for fun and enjoyment. Multiple levels of class piano are often required as a part of a coursework for many music majors. (Students, please talk to your music adviser about the need to take class piano).

At the beginning levels, students learn about the fundamentals of keyboard playing including basic hand position, music-reading skills, transposition, and harmonization. They also develop elementary piano techniques including major and minor scales and basic chords. At the higher levels, students continue to develop intermediate to advanced skills and expand technical abilities while being exposed to pieces from varied historical musical styles. Several times per semester, students also play their chosen solos for in-class performances.

Class Piano takes place in our beautiful piano lab, with Roland Digital pianos. The class size is limited to 14 students per session.

Class Piano Sections:

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MUP130 Introduction to Class Piano

MUP131 Class Piano I

MUP132 Class Piano II

MUP231 Class Piano III

MUP232 Class Piano IV

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