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Book and Lyrics by Marsha Norman
Music by Lucy Simon
based on the novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Audition Date

Wednesday, August 26, 2015
3:30 - 6:00pm
By appointment - email or for audition time


Friday, August 28 from 3:30 until finished.

Audition Location

MCC Southern & Dobson Campus
1833 W. Southern Avenue
Mesa, Arizona 85202

Music Building (MU43)
We are located on the NE side of the campus nearest the football field off of Southern Ave.

What to Prepare

Prepare a 32-bar cutting of a song in the style of the show. Students may sing from the show and an accompanist is provided. 

Roles to be cast:

MARY LENNOX             
Voice type: Mezzo (B-E)
Stage age: 11-12
Role type: Lead
Character: Raised in colonial India, Mary is an orphan whose parents have died of cholera. She has no close relatives and has been sent to live with Archibald Craven, her late mother’s sister’s husband. A spoilt child, now bewildered and alone, she is initially petulant and rude, but at heart is a warm girl.

Voice type: High baritone / tenor (C-Ab)
Stage age: 35-45
Role type: Lead
Character: Master of Misselthwaite Manor, Archie is a mildly handicapped man who lost his beloved wife Lily in childbirth. He is a deeply unhappy,reclusive man who has been preoccupied with his loss for 10 years. Unable to face his son, who is sickly and bed-ridden.

Voice type: Baritone (C-F#)
Stage age: 30-40
Role type: Featured role
Character: Archie’s younger brother, who is resentful of his position as the younger brother. A humourless, bitter man, who, as a doctor, has responsibility for Colin, Archie’s invalid son.

Voice type: low mezzo (low F – D)
Stage age: 20
Role type: Featured role
Character: Housemaid. An extremely warm, good-hearted girl, feisty and courageous. Needs a belt vocal quality as well as vocal warmth. Requires Yorkshire accent. Needs to be able to inspire Mary when she is at her lowest.

Voice type: High baritone (C-G)
Stage age: 18-20
Role type: Featured role
Character: Martha’s younger brother. A mystical lad, very much in tune with the forces of nature. Very sweet-natured and gentle. A music theatre vocal style. Requires a Yorkshire accent.

Voice type: Boy soprano (A-Eb)
Stage age: 10-11
Role type: Featured role
Character: Archie’s invalid son who is bed-ridden and has no company other than his dour uncle and servants. Capable of being very rude and petulant,but essentially sweet-natured.

Voice type: Speaking only.
Stage age: 35+
Role type: Featured role
Character: Housekeeper of Misselthwaite Manor. A very competent and business-like woman who is very severe and shows little warmth. Requires Yorkshire accent.

Voice type: Baritone (F-D)
Stage age: 45-65
Role type: Supporting role
Character: Gardener at Misselthwaite. Loyal servant of many years standing who dearly loved the late Lily. Can be crotchety, but essentially very gentle. Requires Yorkshire accent.

Voice type: Speaking only
Stage age: 40+
Role type: Cameo
Character: A school headmistress who believes in strong discipline. (Will double as a servant).

Voice type: Speaking only
Stage age: 35+
Role type: Cameo
Character: An army officer who escorts the orphaned Mary to England. (Will double as a servant).

Voice type: Speaking only
Stage age: 30+
Role type: Cameo
Character: Wife of Major Shelley. (Will double as a servant).

Voice type: Soprano (D-C: D optional)
Stage age: 25-30
Role type: Lead
Character: Archie’s late beloved wife, Colin’s mother, Mary’s aunt. A warm and loving woman who deeply loved Archie and died giving birth to Colin. In life a warm and loving young woman. In death a very benevolent presence watching over her unhappy husband, son and niece.

The remaining “Dreamers” consist of Mary’s parents, staff and friends in colonial India, all of whom died in a cholera epidemic. They appear as individuals and as a “Greek chorus”, commenting on events for the living,and in flashbacks to their lives in England and India. They are all watching over Mary. Collectively they form the vocal ensemble.

Voice type: Tenor (Bb-G)
Stage age: 30-40
Role type: Supporting role
Character: An army officer, Mary’s father. A warm and loving father.

Voice type: Mezzo / soprano (Bb-G: optional B)
Stage age: 30-35
Role type: Supporting role
Character: Mary’s mother, Lily’s sister. Beautiful, vain and spoilt. In life, lacking in maternal qualities. Can be quite petulant – rather a “princess”, but nevertheless very appealing.

Voice type: High tenor (G-B)
Stage age: 30-40
Role type: Supporting role
Character: Indian mystic / servant.

Voice type: Mezzo (low G-G)
Stage age: 20-40
Role type: Supporting role
Character: Mary’s Indian nanny and main caregiver.

Voice type: Tenor / baritone (Bb-F)
Stage age: 25-35
Role type: Supporting role
Character: Army officer.

Voice type: Baritone (Bb-F)
Stage age: 25-35
Role type: Supporting
Character: Army officer.

Voice type: Bass (low F#-F)
Stage age: 30-45
Role type: Supporting
Character: Army officer.

Voice type: Soprano (A-G)
Stage age: 25-30
Role type: Supporting
Character: Major Holmes’ wife – a well-to-do lady.

Voice type: Soprano (Eb-B)
Stage age: 25-30
Role type: Supporting
Character: Rose’s friend – a well-to-do lady.

Additional roles for chorus and children available.

Rehearsal Outline

Monday and Wednesday from 3:30-6:00 and Friday from 3:30-5:30.  Some Saturday rehearsals are also a possibility.

Performance Dates & Location

November 5-14, 2015 in the MCC PAC - there will be 1 daytime performance on Friday November 13.

Creative Team

Director:  Allyson Van Patten
Music Director:  Cathy Hauan
Choreographer:  TBA

More Information and/or Questions

Sue Anne Lucius: or (480) 461-7577 or Dr. Cathy Hauan: or 480-461-7865


Production Title: Clue the Musical
Production Company: Mesa Community College Act 1 Musical Productions
Playwright or Screenwriter: DePietro, Chiodo, Blum, Barker, & Martucci
Director: Kinsey Peotter
Music Director: Alexa Moody
Choreographer: Katie McCarthy


CB Boddy and Detective.pdf
CB Mr. Boddy.pdf
CB Mrs. White.pdf
CB Mustard.pdf
CB Peacock.pdf
CB Plum and Detective!!.pdf
CB Scarlet and Green.pdf
Clue Callback material.pdf

Rehearsals Begin: 09/09/2015
Run/Shoot Dates: 12/11/2015 – 12/13/2015


Based on the board game, Clue the Musical revolves around a murder at a mansion occupied by 5 suspects, the victim, and a detective. The piece contains audience interaction, with audience members choosing cards with weapons, rooms, and potential murderers. There are 216 possible endings and interchangeable dialogue as the story unfolds.

Character Breakdown

Mr Boddy: Charismatic, handsome, playful host – Bass/baritone
Mrs. Peacock: Acerbic, manipulative, sexy socialite -Mezzo with belt
Professor Plum: Astute intellectual with a wry sense of humor – Baritone
Miss Scarlet: Shrewd, very attractive vixen – Soprano with belt
Colonel Mustard: Pompous, randy military man – Baritone
Mrs. White: Fun-loving Cockney maid – can be portrayed by either a man or a woman – wide vocal range
Mr. Green: Slick, handsome wheeler-dealer – Bari/tenor
Detective: Hard-nosed, snappy, humorous female – Mezzo

Additional Info

Clue the Musical will be entered in the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival to be considered for the the regional festival to be held in Hawaii in February.

As per the rules for KCACTF, all cast members must be enrolled in 6 credits at any college for the fall semester and 3 credits in the spring. One of those credits must be MUP182 #25963 Chamber Singers. Partial scholarships are available. Rehearsal times are MW 1:30-2:45 with additional evening tech rehearsals near to production. If Clue is selected for participation at the festival in Hawaii, all expenses for students are paid by the Maricopa Community College District. Clue will be directed, choreographed, and designed by students with faculty mentoring.

What To Prepare

Auditions for Clue will be embedded into our auditions for The Secret Garden, with separate callback auditions. On your audition form you will indicate which show/s you are auditioning for. Sing 32 bars of any song that shows vocal and acting ability. Accompanist is provided. Dance auditions will be at callbacks on the 31st.

Audition Details

Mesa Community College Music Building Room MU3
1833 W Southern Avenue 
Mesa, Arizona 85202

On Southern Avenue, drive east of Dobson and take the 2nd entrance into the campus. We are the 2nd building on the right.

Headshots/Resume Optional

By Appointment: Email ONLY

Appointment Contact

Audition Dates and Times:
Wednesday August 26 3:30-6:00
Callback Dates and Times:
Monday August 31 – 1:30-3:00

Primary Contact:
Kinsey Peotter