What is the difference between CSC (Computer Science) and CIS (Computer Information Systems)?
Computer Science is the study and development of technology. It includes the theory in which research and technology is based. Computer Information Systems is the use of technology in a business environment.
What classes will transfer to the ASU Computer Science/Computer Systems program?
CSC120, CSC200, CSC210, CSC225, and CSC240
Can I test out of CSC100/CSC110?
Talk with your instructor to make sure you are placed in the appropriate class.
Will CIS162 satisfy the CSC200 prerequisite?
CIS162 does not satisfy the CSC200 prerequisite.
Why aren't CSC courses offered in the summer?
Because of the time necessary outside of class to apply in-class material, it is difficult to successfully learn the material in an 8-week period.
What is the difference between CIS105 and CSC100?
CIS105 is a survey of computers and their uses. CSC100 is an introductory course in Computer Science. You will design and implement computer programs using a programming language.
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