Information Technology News

With the Greater Phoenix region expecting to add 20,000-plus IT jobs in the next decade with an additional 10,000 IT jobs over the next six years in just the Mesa Community College service area alone, the need for a well-equipped technology workforce is paramount.

The new Apple app development certificate program, which graduated 16 students this spring, will be joined by a Blockchain Technology Certificate of Completion (CCL) beginning Fall 2018.

“The technology underlying blockchain is proving to be an effective tool for many industries,” said Sasan Poureetezadi, Mesa Community College Interim President. “Data indicates the demand for employees with knowledge of blockchain technology will continue to grow as industries adopt this cutting-edge technology. By being the first community college in the state to offer this certificate, we are helping students position themselves to compete for high-wage, high-demand career opportunities.”

The establishment of the IT Institute at MCC with the Maricopa County Community College District and the City of Mesa, will meet the emerging technological workforce’s demand for talent in areas of app development, big data, cloud computing, mobile and wearable technology, and the Internet of Things.

“With technological development accelerating at warp speed, the next generation of jobs are already in demand today,” said Dr. Maria Harper-Marinick, MCCCD Chancellor. “In an innovative move, MCCCD will bridge the IT employability gap with a new Information Technology Institute. As an educational partner with the local industry, the Institute will provide the high-tech skills for our students to meaningfully connect with future employers and better compete in today’s modern economy for the higher-level, higher-wage IT vacancies.”

“Mesa’s IT Institute will focus on entry- and mid-level career readiness for the IT sector, including courses to up-skill incumbent workers,” said Dr. Linda Collins, Department Chair of Business and Information Systems at MCC.

Learning opportunities will be offered in-person, online, hybrid and in compressed scheduling models to efficiently and effectively ready students to serve local businesses. Students will choose courses of study from a diverse menu based on high-demand skills such as app development with Apple’s Swift/Xcode, Blockchain, SQL/SQL Server, software development, JAVA, project management, technical support, Red Hat Linux, Oracle, customer service, software engineering, Microsoft C# and .NET Programming.