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Thank you for submitting a nomination for MCC's Hall of Fame! We appreciate your help in identifying the next class of honorees.

A nomination form must be completed for each nominee. Please review the Hall of Fame categories and associated criteria before submitting your nomination.  Additionally:

  1. Nominee should be a responsible, law abiding citizen in good standing with the community. 
  2. Nominee should not be related to the person making the nomination. Self nominations are not accepted.

*The Excellence in Teaching Award may require additional materials as determined by MCC's Faculty Senate.

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Please feel free to attach supporting files, such as news clippings or letters of recommendation. Nominees will be asked to provide a photo and a resume, but one can be provided now if it's available.

Acceptable file formats are JPG, PDF, and Microwoft Word. If you have more than 10 files to share, please wait for a response from us. The individual file size limit per file is 5MB.

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