Phil Reese

Phil Reese
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Associate's and Bachelor's in Business Administration
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Business Broker Phillip Reese Recommends MCC
Originally published for the MCC 50th Anniversary Website, Spring 2015

1) Please describe your affiliation with Mesa Community College. 

I am a former student who graduated with my Associate in Arts Degree in 2005. I am on the MCC Alumni Advisory Board.

2) Thinking historically, what is your single most positive memory or impression of MCC?

The history classes I took really stood out to me.  The professor made the stories come alive and made a sometimes boring subject very interesting. 

3) How important is MCC to the fabric and development of the community? What has it meant for Mesa and surrounding communities to have MCC as it’s community college?

MCC is a Mesa institution and is very important to the fabric of the community. It has given students who may otherwise have not been able to afford a more expensive college a chance at higher education.

4) Looking ahead, how can MCC stay an important, vital force in Mesa and the East Valley? What is MCC’s biggest challenge over the next 50 years, and what will be it’s best opportunity?

MCC needs to be ahead of the curve when it comes to technology and the new jobs that are being created in our society. 

5) Would you recommend MCC, and why? What advice would you give those considering MCC as their educational provider?

I wholeheartedly recommend MCC to anyone who wants to get a really good education from professors who really love to teach.  As far as advice, I would recommend that students be very clear on what courses they will need to meet their academic goals.