Garry Weiss

Garry Weiss
MCC is Home to Adjunct and Family
Originally published for the MCC 50th Anniversary Website, Spring 2015

Garry Weiss of Mesa is an educator who has taught since 1992 in Ohio, Utah, Mexico and Arizona at the high school and college level. Prior to his current teaching career he had a career in sales and marketing as Marketing Manager with Pizza Time Theater and in sales with Terminex. He loves camping and anything involving his grandchildren. He and his wife have been involved with several large musical productions in New York and Mesa.

1) Please describe your affiliation with MCC.

I have worked for the Maricopa Community College system for 10 plus years as an adjunct English professor and most of that was with MCC. Also my wife and I have enjoyed several continuing education classes. Lastly, three of our children have taken classes at MCC.

2) How important is MCC to the fabric and development of the community? What has it meant for Mesa and surrounding communities to have MCC as its community college?

MCC has been a blessing to the community for years and will continue to be in the coming days. In my humble opinion, no other educational organization in Mesa has done more good for more people at this level.

3) Looking ahead, how can MCC stay an important, vital force in Mesa and the East Valley? What is MCC’s biggest challenge over the next 50 years, and what will be its best opportunity?

MCC can stay a vital force by serving and educating the young minds that enter in their doors so they can be the best they can and achieve their goals. I am confident they will continue to grow and bless lives for many years. They have something to offer at a very reasonable cost--the best value for its buck!