Dr. Wynn Call

Wynn Call
Excellence in Teaching
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Residential Faculty
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Dr. Wynn Call is a highly respected MCC faculty member whose contribution to MCC has included leadership to the college as the Psychological Sciences Department for 14 years and who has earned high praise from his students for more than three decades. One of many examples of his authentic caring for his students and the field of psychology was expressed by a parent who said she attended a Psychology Honor Society Induction dinner just to meet Wynn -- the teacher who had her son continually talking about the exciting things he was learning in his class.

As chair, he nurtured and oversaw tremendous growth in the Psychology Department. He helped develop a new class -- the Psychology of Religion -- and led the transformation of the psychology lab into the Psychology Instructional Resource Center, now one of the most popular labs on campus.

Wynn has served on committees throughout campus and stepped forward taking on the role of interim chair of the new Applied Sciences Department, while being chair of the psychology department and teaching. He also was an acting dean of the Art, Humanities, Social Science, Business, and Applied Sciences.

Colleagues describe Wynn as a man whose word is his bond with an office that is a safe place to complain, problem solve and be supported.

Highly respected in his field, Wynn served as one of six Executive Board members of the Psychology Teachers at Community Colleges, a committee of the American Psychological Association. He has been a favorite presenter at the national Chair Academy and gave a presentation on Conflict Management at the American Psychological Association Convention.

For a link to the full video of the ceremony, please visit MCC Hall of Fame 2021.