Dr. Scott Russell

Scott Russell
Excellence in Teaching
Award Year: 

Dr. Scott Russell, retired faculty emeritus, taught anthropology at Mesa Community College from 2003 through 2015. He is renowned for his involvement in activities and mentoring to foster student success and retention. As an anthropologist, Scott worked to enlighten his students about cultural differences in the United States and around the world.

Scott chaired the Title III Committee and helped write a grant that brought $2 million dollars for developmental education. He co-directed the MCC Honors Program and chaired the Arizona Honors Council, an organization of honors directors from colleges and universities in the state. Scott was selected as one of only 20 Distinguished Advisors at a Phi Theta Kappa International Convention.

He is known for his focus on student success and retention and innovative approaches to encourage students to succeed in school through more active involvement in college activities and career goals. As a result, he received the John and Susanne Rouche Award from the League for Innovation in Community Colleges.

For a link to the full video of the ceremony, please visit MCC Hall of Fame 2019.