David Schultz

David Schultz
Graduate Degrees: 
M.S. Mathematics, Montana State University and M.Ed Secondary Education, Arizona State University
Excellence in Teaching
Award Year: 
Current Job Title: 
Residential Faculty
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Professor David Schultz, teaching mathematics at MCC for 21 years, is known for working collaboratively with his peers on college planning committees and groups such as undergraduate research, honors and the MCC Math Club. David has insight and a special connection with veteran and international students, having lived overseas while working for the Department of Defense Dependent Schools.

His research on Japanese mathematics, Wasan, is recognized globally. For more than 200 years, when Japan was isolated from the world, Wasan was developed unique to that culture. In March 2018, Schultz co-authored an article about Wasan for the national journal, Mathematics Teacher, published by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. The article delves into how geometrical problems on wooden tablets were placed as offerings at Shinto shrines or Buddhist temples during the period from 1603 to 1867. His research made a contribution to the Western mathematics community by examining Japanese calculation tablets called Sangaku.

In April of this year, David invited a Japanese researcher to MCC to talk about Sangaku. As part of the college’s Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month celebrations, the workshops hosted more than 120 students, staff, and faculty to learn about Japanese mathematics, culture, art, and history.

For a link to the full video of the ceremony, please visit MCC Hall of Fame 2019.