DEI Council Structure

DEI Council

The DEI Council is the core of the college’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion framework. The Council will form working teams to take action on specific DEI goals (as identified in the college strategic plan) and initiatives. The Council should be representative of various employee, student, and community populations and demographics. Council members will bring their own expertise in different areas; if discussing an issue where a necessary expertise is missing, the Council will bring in someone with that expertise to be included in the conversation.

Council Membership

The DEI Council Membership was designed to balance broad participation from anyone at the college who wants to be involved with the need for a small group empowered to make decisions and take action. The following groups will be responsible for sending representative(s) to serve on the Council:

  • College Diversity Officer (Administrative Liaison)
  • ERG representatives
  • One representative and one alternate from each employee senate (faculty, exempt staff, and non-exempt staff)
  • One student from Associated Students of Mesa Community College
  • One student from Multicultural Student Council
  • One adjunct faculty representative
  • External community DEI leader
  • One Guided Pathways Council Member
  • Chief of Staff (ex officio)

Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are networks of employees who form groups based on shared characteristics, backgrounds, and/or experiences. ERGs will encompass groups of employees committed to advancing the college’s DEI goals and will represent the interests of their constituency. ERG members may serve as a resource of those interested in undertaking DEI work by participating on DEI Council Work Teams. Each ERG will elect an individual to serve one 2-yr term on the Council. ERG groups will be responsible for drafting a charter that specifies the duties and responsibilities of their representatives

Employee Resource Groups currently active at Mesa Community College:

  • Estamos Unidos (Hispanic / Latinx)

  • Ability Mesa (Individuals with disabilities seen and unseen)

Employee Resource Groups currently in development:

  • Women in Higher Ed
  • Black / African American
  • Asian / Pacific Islander
  • Native American / American Indian
  • Middle Eastern
  • International
  • Veterans
  • Interfaith
  • First-Gen