Shouan Pan, Ph.D., President of Mesa Community CollegeShouan Pan, Ph.D., President of Mesa Community College I continue to be uplifted by the energy, talent, and commitment to student success that I see coming from all corners of our college. I am constantly touched and inspired when I talk with students who are serious, hardworking, and dedicated to their own success, against untold life challenges.

At MCC, we have a strong focus on teaching and learning in every physical or virtual classroom, with a continuous commitment to updating and enhancing the learning experience. Over the past three years, we have enriched and expanded student support services. I encourage new and returning students to take advantage of these services.

We actively embrace and foster success for employees, and we strive to be a good community partner supporting initiatives that align with the purposes and responsibilities of being a nationally respected community college. To live up to the expectations the community places on our institution, we are ever more mindful of the importance of an open, candid, and timely flow of information and support to our students and to our internal and external communities.

As we enter a new academic year, we face new challenges and we embrace new hopes. We will continue to work hard to enhance the excellence we have achieved in so many areas. We will continue to work smarter because of fewer resources allocated by the state and lower property tax revenues. We will also continue to tackle difficult issues such as meeting the needs of students who for whatever reasons come to MCC underprepared for college success. Challenges bring new thinking and new initiatives. We are dedicated to ensuring success for our students, our employees and our community. I believe this is what makes Mesa Community College a great community college.

Shouan Pan, Ph.D.