Senior Citizen Tuition Rate

Senior Discount Tuition Plan

Learning Has No Age Limit.

Now’s the time to learn a language, explore history, paint your dreams or pursue that longtime passion. Maricopa County residents who are 65 and older now pay half the regular course fee with the Senior Discount Tuition Plan.


For Students ages 65 and older


Tuition Savings


2 Campuses or Online

Who is Eligible for Senior Citizen Tuition Rate

  • Age 65 or older at time of enrollment
  • Resident of Maricopa County and eligible for in-state tuition

How Do I Enroll at the Discounted Rate?

The senior citizen tuition discount applies to any credit course. Eligible students may enroll any time prior to the start of the first class meeting. Click here to start the enrollment process.

Frequently Asked Questions about Senior Citizen Tuition Rate

What courses are eligible for the discounted rate?
All credit courses are eligible. The discount does not apply to clock-hour or non-credit courses.
Are course fees and registration also discounted?
No, the tuition discount does not apply to course fees or registration fees.
When is payment due?
See MCC Cashier Services website at for information regarding the tuition due dates.
What is the "first class meeting" for an online course?
The first class meeting of an online course is the official start date for that course.
What is the refund policy?
The refund policy follows the standard tuition refund policy as stated in Admin Regulation 2.2.10.