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MUC292 Sound Design III 3 Credits

Advanced Sound Design Production for Multimedia: Designed to provide an atmosphere of team research and study paralleled by professional expertise and guidance. Professional-type facilities and equipment available for student use.

Prerequisites: A grade of C or better in MUC222, or permission of Instructor.

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Live Online

Live Online
01/17/2024 - 05/10/2024


12:00 PM - 2:10 PM

Shane Matsumoto


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Notes: Live Online classes have sessions that meet online on specific days and times. Attendance in these sessions will be at the discretion of the instructor, and additional work will be required on the student’s own time. Access to a computer or mobile device with Internet connection is required. Before enrolling in their first online class at MCC, students need to view the online orientation and complete the readiness survey on for additional information.

The course fee will be waived or refunded so that students can apply it toward purchasing any needed software and/or Ilok. Equipment requirements listed below are the responsibility of the student to purchase before class begins. PROTOOLS on a Mac or PC that is capable of running it effectively. Protools academic discount is appx $10/month. For details visit:; Computer requirements can be found at the Choose to authorize Pro Tools either via cloud license with iLok Cloud or with a physical iLok key. NOTE: Physical iLOK is preferred as the cloud based version requires an internet connection every time you want the software to run. ILoks are $49 and can be purchased from Avid and retailers like Guitar Center While in a live on-line classroom, background sound from speakers can be disruptive and create feedback Please use headphones as if you were in the DAW Lab on the MCC campus. External USB or Firewire preferred If not external, computer must have a LINE IN and HEADPHONE/SPEAKER out. Capability to participate in a virtual classroom environment via free, readily available software like Zoom, Webex, or our MCCCD platforms. Requires a video camera and audio on your computer system.

Students may contact instructor at: