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CIS266 Network Integration Capstone 4 Credits
Application of project management, installation and troubleshooting to integrate multiple operating systems. Topics include: diagnostic and troubleshooting procedures, security vulnerability and penetration software to installation.
Prerequisites: A grade of C or better in (CIS238DL and CIS240DL) or CNT170AA or (MST155DA and MST157DA) and (CIS270 or CIS271DL or CNT205) or associated industry certifications or permission of Instructor.
Class Location Delivery Dates Days Times Instructor Availability
Dobson Campus
03/18/2020 - 05/08/2020

Spring Flex Start

6:00 PM - 9:30 PM

Robert Danielson


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Notes: Class 25236 Hybrid classes combine reduced, regularly scheduled classroom meetings with required learning activities conducted via the Internet. Students enrolling in a hybrid class acknowledge they already possess the skills described in the Minimum Computer and Technology Requirements at