Buy or Rent Textbooks

No crowds. No lines. No waiting. No kidding.

The next step is to buy your books the easy and convenient way, with the MCC online bookstore. To access a list of every book you’ll need for all the classes you’re taking, simply log into your Student Center and with a single click, you’re able . Choose the books you want to buy, add them to the shopping cart, and proceed to the checkout. It’s that easy.

Our online bookstore carries new and used books for purchase or rent. You have the option to pay with a credit card, the book advance program, or even your financial aid.

If you’d rather buy your books at a campus bookstore, be sure to bring a copy of your textbook summary with you. See the bottom section of this page for instructions on viewing and printing out your textbook summary.

To buy your books online, follow these easy steps. When you’re finished buying your books, return to this page and move on to the next step.

Example: Login with your MEID and Password

Step 1

Visit and log in to your Student Center with your MEID and password

Example: Click on 'Textbook Info'

Step 2

Click “Textbook Info”

Example: Select a term

Step 3

Choose the term you are interested in and click “Continue”

Example: Click on 'Purchase Textbooks at your Campus Bookstore'

Step 4

On the My Class Schedule page, click “Purchase Textbooks at your Campus Bookstore”

Example: Click on 'Purchase Books at the Bookstore'

Step 5

Review the notice and click “Purchase Books at the Bookstore”

Example: Book options at the online MCC bookstore

Step 6

For each title you’re interested in, choose a purchase option, click “Add to Cart”, and follow the rest of the textbook buying process


View and Print Your Textbook Summary

If you’d rather not buy your books online, you can print out a textbook list and take it to your local campus bookstore.

Example: Click on 'View Textbook Summary'

Step 1

Follow steps 1–3 above. On the My Class Schedule page, click “View Textbook Summary”

Example: Click on 'Printer Friendly Page'

Step 2

Click “Printer Friendly Page” at the bottom to print. Take your printout to the Bookstore to pick out your books

When you’re finished buying your books, move on to the next step.

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