Sonoran Desert Conference

February 16 & 17, 2024

MCC will be sponsoring our 26th annual Model United Nations simulation for high school students, the Sonoran Desert Conference. The conference will be held in-person at the Southern and Dobson MCC campus.

Our conference is a two-day educational simulation for High School students. The conference theme centers around global health and technology for a sustainable future. We will simulate the General Assembly, 2nd Committee, 3rd Committee, World Health Assembly, International Atomic Energy Association, Commission on Science and Technology for Development, International Court of Justice, C-24, Historic Crisis Committee, Commission on the Status of Women, Security Council, and World Press. Delegates will be required to wear professional business attire and fill out parental permission slips to accomodate privacy concerns. The conference will use a simplified form of the Model United Nations Far West (MUNFW) procedural rules for debate. Information on these rules is found on the delegate resources page.

There is no school fee to attend. A delegate fee of $50 is charged to offset food and material costs.

Important Dates Coming Up!

Country Selection begins August 28th, 2023. Your high school advisor or team captain will submit one aggregate request using the COUNTRY SELECTION SUBMISSION FORM.

Where possible, Dr. Dille and/or a member of the MCC MUN team will come to your campus to discuss research tips, policy statement requirements, and judging criteria. If a live visit is not possible, a video session can be arranged. Program advisers should contact Dr. Dille to set up an appointment.

Deadline for 1st draft review submission is November 3rd, 2023. Professor Dille will review and return ONE draft per student if submitted by this date. This service is only provided to schools with new programs.

Country Packets must be completed and submitted by January 29th, 2024. Only delegates who have a complete submission will be credentialed at the conference. A complete submission includes a policy statement for each agenda item (2 statements) and one resolution for one of the agenda items.