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Building: SC 14
P: 480-461-7080
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Fall & Spring Semesters:
Mon-Fri: 8 am – 2 pm
Closed Sat and Sun
Other hours by appointment

Summer Semester:
Mon-Thu: 7 am – 12 pm
Closed Fri, Sat and Sun
Other hours by appointment

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Name Title Contact
Mark William Bond Adjunct Faculty


John Corich Adjunct Faculty
Public Safety


Gregory Howarth Adjunct Faculty
Jeffrey T. Jacobs Staff
Peter Jones Adjunct Faculty
Jennifer M Jordan Adjunct Faculty
Ivan M. Kaminsky Adjunct Faculty

602-361-4381 (mobile)

Charlene A. Laplante Adjunct Faculty
Tracy A. Lindsey Adjunct Faculty - Administration of Justice
Administration of Justice

480-712-7472 (alternate)

Pamela Lizardi Adjunct Faculty - Judicial Studies

480-899-6940 (alternate)

Barbara Lyne Administrative Specialist Sr


Zlatan Mamela Adjunct Faculty
Elizabeth Carol Martinez Adjunct Faculty

602-730-2730 (alternate)

602-730-2730 (mobile)

Kerry L. Muehlenbeck, Ph.D. Residential Faculty - Administration of Justice


480-844-3135 (fax)

Bert Ouderkirk Residential Faculty - Administration of Justice


Joseph George Pallo Adjunct Faculty
Elizabeth Anne Scholz Adjunct Faculty
Melissa Ann Scimio Adjunct Faculty
David R. Selvidge Adjunct Faculty
R. Wesley Shipley Adjunct Faculty
Seth L. Tyler Adjunct Faculty
Richard Albert Worrell Adjunct Faculty
Mark T. Yoshimura Residential Faculty - Administration of Justice