New MCC Mission, Vision and Values

The MCC Strategic Planning Committee developed the college’s new Mission, Vision and Values with input from staff, faculty, students, alumni, community members, business partners and others over the past year.

Our Mission speaks to what we do every day for our students, employees and community.
We create an inclusive and vibrant learning community where everyone is supported to achieve success.

Our Vision describes our aspirations as a college community for a better future.
Inspire, ensure access, and empower action.

Our Values represent our core beliefs that guide our actions.

COMMUNITY: Our people and the communities we serve are the fabric of our institution. We make a positive difference in the lives of our students, communities, and each other by being inclusive, practicing kindness, cultivating meaningful relationships, and promoting active citizenship and civic engagement.

DIVERSITY, EQUITY, AND INCLUSION: Diversity is our greatest asset. We create systems, environments, and interactions that welcome, engage, and support all learners.

LEADERSHIP: As leaders at our college and in our communities, we behave boldly in the face of challenges as we set high expectations, explore new approaches, and hold ourselves accountable through data and transparency.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: We cultivate an adaptable learning environment that welcomes all to experiment, make mistakes, build skills, and grow.

INTEGRITY: We do what’s right, even when it’s hard. We model vulnerability and hold ourselves to high standards in the way we work, learn, and interact with one another.