Volunteer Today for the MCC Alumni Advisory Board

Your application awaits:  www.mesacc.edu/alumni-board

The Mesa Community College Alumni Association (MCCAA) is overseen by a volunteer board of alumni representing a diverse cross-section of MCC’s unique alumni. The board serves in an advisory capacity, working closely with the Office of Alumni Relations. 

Picture of MCC alumni board membersMCC Alumni Board members:

  • Provide advice on alumni programs and key college initiatives
  • Are appointed to three year terms
  • Attend quarterly meetings

If you’re passionate about helping MCC, consider becoming an alumni board member.

To learn more and apply, visit www.mesacc.edu/alumni-board or call 480-461-7794.

2017 - 2018 MCC Alumni Board Members

  • Terence Azbill
  • Patty Blankenship
  • Jackson "Jack" Bogle
  • William Brickhouse
  • Mary Chavez
  • Wade Denman
  • Thomas Gardner
  • Scott Jackson
  • Brian Koeneman
  • Connie Morris
  • Diana Occhiuzzi
  • Tony Occhiuzzi
  • John Powell
  • Heather Smyth
  • Arlen Sykes
  • Doug Trimble