Stories of Success

For half a century, thousands of students have charted their path to success at MCC. A compendium of their inspiring stories are cataloged together for the first time at to celebrate MCC’s 50th anniversary. In addition to an archive of articles previously published in Alumni and Friends, new feature stories and Q&A reflections highlight:

Brian Koeneman

Graduate's Major:


Graduate Degrees:

Bachelor's degrees in Microbiology and Medical Technology; Ph.D. in Molecular and Cellular Biology

Q&A with Brian Koeneman, Clinical Director for Laboratory Sciences of AZ

Garry Weiss

Garry Weiss of Mesa is an educator who has taught since 1992 in Ohio, Utah, Mexico and Arizona at the high school and college level. Prior to his current teaching career he had a career in sales and marketing as Marketing Manager with Pizza Time Theater and in sales with Terminex.

MCC is Home to Adjunct and Family

Kim Wise

Graduate's Major:

Speech and Hearing

Graduate Degrees:

Associate of General Studies; Bachelor's in Speech and Hearing Science; Master's and Doctorate in Audiology

From MCC to New Zealand: Education opens door for opportunity

Monique Griego

Graduate's Major:


More than a decade ago, Monique Griego knew she wanted to go to college after graduating from Mesa High School. But putting two children through college was going to be next to impossible for her mother. For Monique and her sister, Mesa Community College was the perfect choice.

Local News Anchor Started at MCC

Phil Reese

Graduate's Major:


Graduate Degrees:

Associate's and Bachelor's in Business Administration

Business Broker Phillip Reese Recommends MCC

Rosaline Dye

Graduate's Major:


Graduate Degrees:

Associate's and Bachelor's in Psychology; Master's in Cognitive Science

MCC Psychology Graduate Publishes Research

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