Mascot Makeover

MCC’s most loyal fan, Thor the Thunderbird, received a makeover in 2020. As Thunderbirds we strive to be examples of kindness, caring and compassion. Thor, our cherished Thunderbird mascot, does the same. As a symbol of our appreciation for our mascot’s unwavering support, we set out to hatch a new version in 2020. The goal was not to change Thor, but rather provide enhancements, making the costume more colorful, engaging and bold -- a makeover if you will.

Due to continued COVID restrictions and safety precautions, the “new” Thor, like many of us, remains mostly hunkered down, only leaving the nest for special occasions like the drive-through graduation in December. Thor couldn’t pass up an opportunity to safely celebrate the outstanding accomplishments of the 2020 graduates, the most recent additions to the MCC Alumni Association!