Dr. Jacob A. Chavez

photo of Jacob A. Chavez
Alumni Achievement
Award Year: 

Jacob Chavez is recognized for innovative K-12 diversity programs, teacher support, parental engagement, and community engagement. He has raised the achievement bar for schools, teachers, and students throughout the state. His many awards include the Maryvale Revitalization Educating Excellence Award, National Center for Education Achievement Awards, Outstanding Latino Leader from Cox Communications, and The Heart Hero Award from the American Heart Association.

His contributions to Arizona education began as a teacher at Isaac Jr. High School in Phoenix. He served as principal there as well as at Alta E. Butler Elementary in Phoenix, and Gilliland Middle School in Tempe. Jacob also provided assessments and counseling at the Hispanic Family Center in Mesa. As adjunct faculty in the Northern Arizona University Education Department, he shared his growing experienced-based leadership skills and practices.

Jacob’s doctoral dissertation, “A Study to Assist Administrators to Understand Factors of Successful and Unsuccessful Mexican-American Students in an Urban Setting,” informed his accomplishments creating programs that foster student success. One of the ways he led a holistic approach to student success was partnering with Abrazo Healthcare and Touchstone Behavioral Health Services to bring medical, dental, and mental health services to students and families in the Cartwright School District.

He became director of Federal Projects and Grand Development at Cartwright School District No. 83, restructuring the Title 1 District Program so administrators could decide how to use funds in their schools. In 2011, he became superintendent, continuing to innovate in education until he retired in 2019.

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