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This section of First Year Composition ENG101 is an online class that does not meet on campus.  Students will use a computer and internet connection to access the class discussions and course activities.   Online learning is not for everyone; please read Are You an Online Learner? to see if you have the characteristics to be successful in online learning.

Get Started
Registered students in this class need to:

  • Check their Maricopa.edu email.
    • In your email, I have sent you important start-up information that you will need to get started in the course.



Technology Requirements

At Gateway CC, Computers are available for student use Monday-Friday in the computer lab. View more information about the computer lab.

At Mesa CC, Computers are available for student use 7 days a week. Click here for more information.

For all students: You need at least the equipment below. Newer, faster, higher versions will usually work better.  Most online students work from a home computer.  

Software Requirements  You need this software on your computer and must know how to use the software.

  • Updated Adobe Flashplayer
  • Word Processing  for typing papers. Microsoft Word is recommended; if you do not have Word, then download and install the Word Viewer so you can read Word documents sent to you by your teacher and classmates.
  • Windows Media Player or Realplayer (free Basic Player) for playing audio and video files.

Instructor Contact Information

Paola Brown


Your instructor is Paola Brown [view homepage]
Email: paola.brown@gwmail..maricopa.edu (GWCC students) or paoih30491@mesacc.edu
Please contact me by email..

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ENG101  First-Year Composition
3 Credits

Course Description:

Emphasis on rhetoric and composition with a focus on expository writing and understanding writing as a process. Establishing effective college-level writing strategies through four or more writing projects comprising at least 3,000 words in total. Prerequisites: Appropriate English placement test score or a grade of “C” or better in ENG071.


How is this online class different from classes in the classroom?

  • You complete the same assignments as students in the face-to-face classroom, but you do your work from home using your computer.
  • You login to the class website and work on course work at least 3 to 4 times a week, for a total of 7 to 9 hours a week.
  • You spend at least the same amount of time, weekly, as in an on-campus class.   In some cases, if you are not a competent typist, the class work may take you more time
  • You communicate with your teacher and classmates in writing, using email and the class discussion areas.
  • You have deadlines and due dates for assignments, just as in an in-classroom class.
  • You work with classmates on group projects, as well as work independently on your own writing.


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