Where do I start?

Please refer to the main Nursing Refresher page for information regarding program application, acceptance and enrollment. 

What is the online nurse refresher program?

The RN Refresher program meets all of the AZBN license renewal requirements for registered nurses with lapsed licenses. The program consists of one 10 credit course that includes both theory (6 credits) and clinical (4 credits) components. The theory component of the course is delivered online. The clinical portion is a combination of on-campus labs and a precepted clinical experience under the supervision of a registered nurse. This course is offered in a modular format. Content is based in medical/surgical nursing.  In addition, all Refreshers will update in modules relating to the core standards of nursing, pharmacology and nursing skills.

What is a precepted clinical?

The precepted clinical is with a registered nurse employed in an approved facility. The registered nurse works on a one-to-one basis with the nurse refresher. The refresher works with the RN preceptor in order to achieve clinical competency in the selected practice environment. Non-patient care experiences are acceptable as long as the preceptor is a registered nurse functioning in an RN capacity.

Who should take the internet nurse refresher program?

The program is designed for 1) registered nurses who have not met the 960 hour practice requirement in the past 5 years required by the Arizona State Board of Nursing for license renewal 2) RN's with an inactive license who have been out of nursing for no more than 15 years 3) RN's who have an active license in nursing and wish to update their skills and 4) RN's who have never practiced nursing after passing the licensing examination. 

If your license is under stipulation/restricted by the Arizona State Board of Nursing, the MCC nursing faculty believes that a structured refresher program in a traditional classroom setting will best meet your learning needs. In this circumstance, we refer you to the RN Refresher Program offered by our sister college, Gateway Community College: http://www.gatewaycc.edu

This program is not approved by any other state board of nursing as a refresher for nurses.  

When will this program start?

Program start dates are in the Spring (February) and Fall (September) each year.   The RN Refresher course, NUR295, is a 20 week, 10 credit course that includes theory and lab/clinical. 

Can I enter the online course at anytime?

The course has defined start and end dates; it does not follow an open-entry, open exit course format.

How long is the clinical portion of the course?

The clinical component of the course is 180 clock hours. The first 48 hours of the course includes skills instruction/review, participation in on-campus labs, and competency testing. Portions of the skills modules are completed online prior to campus lab sessions. All campus labs will be held on the Mesa Community College Southern & Dobson campus. The campus labs will give you an opportunity to practice skills, work with the equipment, and complete any required orientation to your designated facility.

After these 48 hours are completed, you will work the same schedule as your preceptor for 132 hours. You will gradually assume his/her work load until you are working independently with little supervision.  You may work only when the preceptor is working. You and the preceptor negotiate a work schedule that is satisfactory to both of you. You must complete the 132 hours within the specified course dates.

How long will it take to complete the program?

You are given 20 weeks to complete the program. 

What type of nurses' license do I need to start?

You must have an active or temporary license from the Arizona State Board of Nursing prior to starting the clinical preceptor course. If you are taking these courses to renew your license, you need to apply for a temporary license from the Arizona State Board of Nursing. The temporary license is only good for 6 months. You will need to apply for the license at least 6 weeks prior to starting your preceptorship. You will need to show proof of enrollment in a refresher course and proof of citizenship to the Arizona State Board of Nursing in order to obtain the license.

For more information, visit the Arizona State Board of Nursing website. 

How does my temporary license become reactivated?

After the course is completed, the Program Coordinator will send a Letter of Completion to the Arizona State Board of Nursing. AZBN will then mail you your active license. 

How much does it cost?

The tuition for the Maricopa County Community College District is listed on the Cashier Services website. This cost per credit hour is always subject to change prior to school beginning.

Please refer to the RN Refresher Information Packet for an estimate of program costs. 

Do I really need to know how to use a computer?

Yes! All of the NUR295 theory material, as well as several skills modules, is online. Therefore, you must be comfortable navigating the internet, opening attachments, sending attachments, using Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, and sending and receiving email.

What computer hardware / software will I need?

Click on eLearning Information and pay special attention to the Minimum Computer & Technology Requirements section. The computer skills listed on this page are the minimum computer skills needed to take the online refresher course. 

Who can be a preceptor?

A preceptor must be a registered nurse working in a facility with a clinical experience agreement (CEA) with the Maricopa Community College District. If a contract is not currently in place, MCC can request the initiation of a new contract. Please consult the  RN Refresher Program Coordinator regarding this process. 

Will the school provide preceptors for nurses?

MCC is able to facilitate clinical placement for RN Refreshers but is unable to guarantee preceptor placement. Refreshers wanting to do a preceptorship in a hospital in Maricopa County will have limited access to an online preceptor placement process. Refreshers wanting to do a preceptorship outside of a hospital, or a preceptorship at a hospital that does not participate in the online preceptorship placement system, will need to find their own preceptor.

There are benefits to finding your own preceptor. It allows you the flexibility to do your clinical work in your community and it increases your chances to obtain future employment with the selected facility.

Again, there is no guarantee that you will be provided a preceptor through the online preceptor placement process. If you are not placed via the online system, please know that you will be responsible for finding your own preceptor. Be aware, if you are unable to secure a preceptor within a time frame that will allow you to complete the course by the course end date, you will NOT be entitled to a tuition refund.

How do I find a preceptor?

Refer to "Process for Finding a Preceptor" in the RN Refresher Information Packet. Each agency needs to have a clinical contract in place with Maricopa Community Colleges and approval of the agency must be obtained from the MCC nursing faculty. Ideally, the refresher will choose a healthcare agency for the clinical preceptorship that the refresher wants to work in after completing the refresher courses.

Am I required to work for the agency where I do my preceptorship?

No, but the agency may hope that you will. The agency and the preceptor are investing time, money, and energy to refresh you. Hopefully, you will want to work for them and they will want to hire you. It is recommended that you do your precepted clinical at an agency where you want to be employed. 

Can I do my preceptorship in peds, OB, or psych?

Yes. Peds, OB and psychiatric / mental health practice settings are acceptable for preceptorship experiences. You must have prior employment experience in the nursing specialty you choose to complete the preceptorship (a resume/curriculum vitae will be required). 

Is there any place that I cannot do my preceptorship?

The preceptorship may be completed in any practice environment as long as it is conducted by a registered nurse. Preceptorships in specialty areas require that you have prior work experience in the specialty area (a resume/curriculum vitae will be required).

What immunizations will I need?

All of your immunizations and safety documents must be completed prior to beginning the clinical component of the course. For a list of required immunizations, please refer to the RN Refresher Information Packet. 

What CPR card do I need?

We will need a copy of a CPR Health Care Provider Card that is current throughout the clinical course. A CPR course that includes in-person skills demonstration is required. The didactic portion of the CPR course may be taken online.

What else will I need for the clinical course?

Additional requirements include a health declaration form signed by a health care provider, a level one fingerprint clearance card, a background check, a urine drug screen and a professional registered nurse liability insurance policy. The Fingerprint Clearance Card may take up to 8 weeks to obtain. Information is available at the Fingerprint Clearance Card Information site. Please refer to the RN Refresher Information Packet for all health and safety requirements.

You haven't answered my question. How do I get in touch with you?
Email Program Coordinator Diane Dietz: diane.dietz@mesacc.edu