NUR 295 - Download the Information Packet

This class is offered two times yearly. A new class begins each February and September.

Who: RN's who have not met the 960 hour AZBN practice requirement  at time of license renewal;  RN's with an unrestricted, active or inactive license, RN’s with practice experience after obtaining licensure from respective board of nursing or after obtaining licensure in a foreign country;  new graduate nurses who have never practiced nursing after obtaining RN licensure;  nurses with a confirmed RN preceptor for the clinical portion of the course who want to update nursing theory and skills.

What: 10 credit hour theory/clinical course. All of the theory is delivered online. The clinical component includes in-person lab sessions and clinical hours with an RN preceptor. This course is offered in a modular format. Content is based in medical/surgical nursing. In addition, all Refreshers will update in modules relating to the core standards of nursing, pharmacology and nursing skills.

Refreshers are required to attend a class meeting at MCC's Southern & Dobson campus during the first week of the course. Once you are enrolled in the program you will be given instructions regarding the meeting date/time/location and directions on how to access the online course and resources.

How Long: The course is 20 weeks long. The last several weeks are reserved for the clinical component (campus lab sessions and the 132 hour preceptorship). 

Preceptorship: All Refreshers are eligible to complete the preceptorship in a medical/surgical environment. If the Refresher has been previously employed in a specialty area such as Pediatrics, Obstetrics, Psychiatric/Mental Health, or Critical Care, he/she may complete a preceptorship in that specialty (a resume/curriculum vitae is required).

Hospital placements are restricted and are coordinated through the Community Partnership Program at the MCCD offices.  Students are NOT permitted to make direct contact with hospitals for placement consideration.  A limited number of preceptorship placements in a hospital may be allotted for RN Refreshers depending on agency staffing and system-wide preceptorship requests.  Refer to “Options for Preceptorship Placement” in the RN Refresher Information Packet for specific guidelines.

Additional Course Requirements: Prior to starting your preceptorship at the agencies, each student must pass a drug calculations test, and demonstrate skills competency. You will need to purchase a Nurse Pack which contains supplies/equipment needed for your skills check-offs. You will also need to download copies of the Preceptorship Handbook for yourself and your healthcare agency. Those handbooks will be available through your online course.