Expectations for the Fall Semester

Published Thursday, July 16, 2020 at 8:08pm


Yesterday afternoon (7/15), the Chancellor's Office announced that the District's return to work "Phase 3" would be delayed until October 5, at the earliest, in response to the recent increases in Arizona COVID-19 cases. The hope is that this clarity will allow colleges to focus on continued remote services for students and deliberate preparation for necessary on-campus activities.

While this might signal a large change for some colleges, this does not represent a significant change from MCC’s current plan for limited in-person services this Fall. At this moment, your managers and the College Incident Management Team are working to outline a list of key, in-person services that are necessary to ensure that all students have a pathway to access our services while continuing to steer the majority of our interactions into a remote format. We have not been planning to recall a significant number of employees to campus in the early part of the Fall, beyond those needed to maintain campus-based processes, and to staff those key limited student-facing services beginning 8/10. These on-campus services during the semester may ultimately include:

  • A focused in-person and hybrid course offering - the details of which are currently being reviewed by a CEC subcommittee.
  • An information hub where those who come to campus unannounced can get basic information and be scheduled for an appointment for remote services.
  • Welcome Week + health ambassadors to guide in-person students and help ensure COVID policy compliance.
  • Ad hoc, appointment-based enrollment, student support, and academic support services when remote service is not feasible.
  • Physically-distant seating area for students waiting between in-person classes.
  • Physically-distant spaces for students to access wi-fi and college technology.
  • Student distribution location, supporting the Library, Mesa Market, Technology, and other functions where students need to pick up or drop off materials.
  • Appointment-based faculty/staff technology support.
  • Periodic "Phase 2" office-based functions, including deposits, mail processing, file management, etc.
  • Essential site-based services, including Police, Facilities, IT, Receiving, and the Copy Center.

As these details come together over the coming weeks, many of your departments will be called upon to collaboratively staff these efforts in ways that provide clear, safe, and intentional services to those students who have to come to campus while maintaining our focus on an excellent and engaging remote student experience. Beyond those targeted on-campus activities, our facilities remain closed to the public.

As we move past the beginning of the semester and toward the October “Phase 3” date, we will continue to collaborate on who should return to campus and when, based on the latest information on our public health environment, and will communicate that clearly and in advance.

We have an incredible team of committed faculty and staff who are guiding, planning, preparing and putting together the pieces of this pandemic puzzle. I am so grateful to work with them! Please join us on Tuesday for a Return from Remote virtual meeting session, if you have additional questions.

Please rest assured that our top priority at this time is the health and safety of our staff, faculty, and students. We appreciate your dedication to our students and your flexibility in responding to our ever-changing circumstances.


Lori, on behalf of our College Incident Management Team (CIMT)